Is it better to shower at night or in the morning when camping?

There's no denying that escaping to the great outdoors for a camping trip is an invigorating experience. But when it comes to camper hygiene, it's often a battle between convenience and cleanliness. 

This is totally understandable. 

With limited access to showers and running water, campers are often left with the option of either showering once at night or in the morning. But what really is the best time to shower when camping?  

As with all things, there's no shortage of camping shower habits to dissect. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of showering at night versus in the morning. 

Night shower pros and cons 

Pro - It helps you wind down for bed 

We all know rinsing after a surf is important, but a shower before bedtime when camping is also beneficial.  

It aids in lowering your body temperature, which signals to your brain that it's time to sleep. This temperature regulation not only hastens the onset of sleep but also improves sleep quality throughout the night – an important factor when you're sleeping in less-than-ideal conditions that often accompany camping. 

Furthermore, washing off the day's sweat and dirt means you're not carrying grime into your sleeping bag, which not only keeps your gear clean but can deter insects that are attracted to odours. 

It's the kind of nighttime routine that makes us believe that evening is the best time to shower when camping. 

Con - You might wake up feeling oily 

Our bodies produce sebum, an oily substance that keeps the skin hydrated. As we sleep, this can build up, causing your skin to feel oily in the morning. 

For some campers, this may be a minor inconvenience, but for others with more sensitive skin or prone to acne, it can be quite bothersome. 

If this is the case for you, a quick rinse in the morning might be necessary as opposed to a full shower at night. 

Morning shower pros and cons 

Pro - You can wash off last night's sweat and bacteria buildup 

Hate waking up feeling sticky and grimy from the night before? 

A morning shower can wash away all the sweat and bacteria buildup that may have accumulated while you were sleeping. 

This ensures you start your day feeling refreshed, setting a positive tone for the day's activities and improving comfort during those long hikes or treks under the sun. 

And for those who are particularly prone to body odour that builds throughout the day, a morning shower is often the best time to shower when camping. 

Con - You'll be going to bed on the dirtier side 

A big drawback to showering in the morning is that you'll be climbing into bed with all the dirt and sweat from your day's activities. 

This can lead to a dirty sleeping bag, clothes and tent – not exactly ideal for keeping things clean while camping. 

Camping is a guarantee that you'll get grubby, so it's worth considering whether you want to bring all that grime into your sleeping quarters. 

How to determine what works for you 

Need further help deciding whether a morning or evening shower is best when you're camping? Here are three questions to ask yourself. 

When will I have access to a private shower area? 

If you're camping in a campground with shared facilities, early morning or late evening showers might be the only times when it's relatively quiet and private. 

Owning a Beach Shower comes with heaps of camping advantages. One of the biggest is that you needn’t worry about only staying at spots with shower facilities.  

Instead, you can set up your own private camp shower area wherever you pitch your tent or pull up. 

Do I prefer to feel energised in the morning or clean before bed? 

Some people need that morning shower to wake up and feel energised for the day ahead.  

Others can't sleep without feeling clean and refreshed. 

Consider which one you value more when deciding on your shower time, but keep in mind how much better you'll sleep if you're feeling fresh in the evening.  

Personally, we love our sleep, which is why we reckon that before bed is the best time to shower when camping. 

Is it more practical to shower in the morning or the evening? 

Depending on your camping activities and schedule, it may be more practical to shower in the morning or evening. 

For example, if you plan on doing water activities during the day, it might make more sense to shower in the evening after you're done for the day.  

However, if you need to get up early for activities plus a trip to town, an early morning shower can help start your day on a positive note. 

Final thoughts 

Is it better to shower at night or in the morning when camping? 

Ultimately, there isn't a right or wrong answer. The best time to shower when camping all depends on your personal preferences and what works for you, your family or your partner. 

But no matter what time of day you choose to shower, be sure to practice Leave No Trace principles by using biodegradable soap and disposing of greywater properly. 

And if you have the option, consider investing in a portable camping shower like our Beach Showers to make your outdoor hygiene routine much more convenient and enjoyable. 

Now, get out there and enjoy the great outdoors! 

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