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Beach Shower
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Beach Shower
Beach Shower
Beach Shower
Beach Shower
Beach Shower
Beach Shower
Beach Shower
Beach Shower
Beach Shower
Beach Shower
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Beach Shower

"I absolutely love this product! It never leaves the car & I use it for beach days, cleaning off after a day on the tools or washing down the groms after they’ve found muddy puddles to play in." - Justin W.
The Beach Soul® Beach Shower is a portable pressurised shower made for the outdoors that can be used anywhere at anytime and on anything. It truly is your best mate for keeping you, your people, your animals and your things sand free, dirt free and clean.

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shower easy with

your beach shower

Our portable shower easily fits into the back of any sized vehicle and requires no batteries to use. It’s operated manually, with an easy hand pump to reach the desired water pressure.

There are 8 different shower head modes to choose from with a water
run time of 2-6 minutes (depending on the Beach Shower size and shower
head mode used).

The 4mm neoprene wetsuit cover helps keeps the tank water water warm for winter or cool for summer.

Key Features

Jam-packed with goodness like:

  • Pressurised shower
  • Manual hand pump system
  • 8 mode multi-spray shower head
  • 4mm insulated neoprene cover for warm/cold water
  • 1.6m hard-wearing hose
  • Handsfree option - continuous spray lock feature
  • Screw top with handle lock
  • Easy pour feature for refilling
  • Air pressure release valve
  • Removable Velcro neoprene cover
How to be a
Smooth Operator

Our Beach Shower operates on a very simple system, even the kids can do it. It’s as easy as:

1. Fill the bottle ¾ full with warm / cold water (not over 50 °C)

2. Grab the handle, pump up and down to manually build pressure (pump around 6-7 times)

3. Squeeze the shower head trigger and shower away (top up pumps will be required – how many depends on the shower head mode you use)

For a little more in-depth instruction and to really get to know the Beach Shower, watch our short and sweet videos guides.


3L Low tide

Shower run time: approx 2-4 mins

Product size: H36.5 x W18 cm

Product weight (empty): 1.4kg

Product weight (full with water) = 4.4kg

Box size: H37.5 x W19.5 x D20 cm

Box weight: 1.4kg

5L Mid-Tide

Shower run time: approx 3-5 mins

Product size: H43 x W18 cm

Product weight (empty): 1.5kg

Product weight (full with water) = 6.5kg

Box size: H40.5 x W19.5 x D19 cm

Box weight: 1.5kg

8L High Tide

Shower run time: approx 4-6 mins

Product size: H53.5 x W19 cm

Product weight (empty): 1.8kg

Product weight (full with water) = 10.1kg

Box size: H68 x W19 x D20 cm

Box weight: 2.1kg

Experience shower freedom

Our shower is so easy to use and portable that it can be used anytime and anywhere, freeing up your time to soak in all the good vibes Mother Nature has to offer.

Our Goals

Make a quality product that's easy to use

It is important for us to make something easy to use, take care of, and that's durable - something that can withstand lots of use in various environments.

Make a product that doesn't break the bank

Portable outdoor shower systems can cost a fortune and we want to make something that is affordable to many without eating into people's hard earned savings.

Our sales help the wider community & our planet

We want to pay forward our Beach Showers to those people and communities near and far, and bring assistance to those where it's needed - both physically and financially.

popular questions

Our Beach Shower operates on a very simple system, just fill with warm water (not over 50 °C) and the 4mm neoprene cover will keep it warm for a few hours.

The timings and temperature of the water is very dependent on your surroundings, location and climate so it's very hard to predict.

As an example in winter in northern NSW, the Beach Shower is filled with hot tap water around 8am and loaded into a van. At 12pm it’s still nice and warm for a comfortable shower.

If it's really frosty outside or you're going to have a long surf, we suggest adding an extra layer around it (e.g a beach towel or rug), just to give it an extra boost and last warmer for longer.

We are more than happy to help you find the right size Beach Shower! The best place to start is to consider what you want to use it for and for how many people.

We typically find that for a light foot or paw rinse off, a 3L is the perfect size.

For surfers or couples a 5L Beach Shower is a good fit.

For campers or larger families that need to use the shower multiple times without refilling the water, the 8L will be the one to choose.

For more information, check out the size guide. Keep in mind that this guide is to help you make a decision but ultimately what will be best for you is based on your own personal preference and expected usage.

Not at all.  It takes around 6/7 initial pumps to build the pressure to a good level and needs a top up every now and then.

Not at all.  There is a feature for a hands-free option with a continuous spray lock (no nozzle hold required!).

Generally 1L = 1kg in weight. If you add the Beach Shower weight into the equation, here's what you're looking at: 3L = 4.4kg, 5L = 6.5kg and the 8L = 10.1kg

The Only Beach Shower to Own.

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Not sure if you're aware, but when you buy a Beach Shower from us you fund the planting of one native Australian tree.

1 tree planted

For every Beach Shower sold

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