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Beach Shower

  • Description
  • The Only Beach Shower to Own

    The Beach Soul® Beach Shower is a portable shower made for the outdoors that can be used anywhere at anytime & on anything.


    It’s your best mate for keeping you, your people & your things sand free, dirt free & clean.


    Our beach showers are customised designed to easily fit into the back of your vehicle, no matter what size wheels you drive.


    Easy manual hand-pump to reach desired pressure - no batteries needed.


    Our shower heads offer 8 different selection options to use depending on how wet you want to get.


    Approx. run time of 2-6 minutes depending on the Beach Shower capacity & on your shower head selection.


    Our 4mm neoprene cover keeps the water warm for winter or cool for summer.

  • Key Features
  • Jam-packed with goodness like:

    👉 High pressure shower

    👉 Insulated cover for hot/cold water

    👉 8 mode multi-spray shower head

    👉 Manual hand pump system

    👉 Screw top with handle lock

    👉 Handsfree option - continuous spray lock feature

    👉 Easy pour feature for refilling

    👉 Air pressure release valve

    👉 1.6m hard-wearing hose

    👉 Removable Velcro neoprene cover

  • Specs
  • 8 Shower Selection Modes:

    💦 Shower

    💦 Mist

    💦 Centre

    💦 Flat

    💦 Cone

    💦 Soaker

    💦 Full

    💦 Angle


    Shower Run Time:

    Depending of shower head selection average timings:

    3L = approx. 2-4 min

    5L = approx. 3-5 min

    8L = approx. 4-6 minutes


    Made From: Industrial grade high density polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP)


    Hand Pump Pressure: Approx 45 PSI


    Product Size:

    3L = H36.5 x W18 cm

    5L = H43 x W18 cm

    8L = H53.5 x W19 cm


    Product Weight:

    3L = 1.28kg

    5L = 1.5kg

    8L = 1.8kg


    Box Size:

    3L = H37.5 x W19.5 x D20 cm

    5L = H40.5 x W19.5 x D19 cm

    8L = H58 x W19 x D20 cm


    Box Weight:

    3L = 1.4kg

    5L = 1.5kg

    8L = 2.1kg

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